How to Find the Right Maid Service for You            

My last post seemed to garner a lot of interest in hiring a maid service and many are asking about the best maid service in the area and how to go about hiring a maid service. That’s why I will write a short post on what I’ve learned and what you should do when hiring a maid service.

Shop Around for Maid Services

There are a lot of maid services out there, so you should at least check out a few of them before deciding on a maid service to use. You shouldn’t just look at price either when shopping around. You need to look at what service they are offering for that price and are there any surcharges such as additional out of area fees and things like that. You should also try to look for reviews or references from clients of the maid service yay-537201-digitalto see the quality level of their work as well as their reputation. You definitely don’t want a maid service that does shoddy work. Another aspect you should be looking at is the availability of the maid service. The best maid service in the world still does you know good if they’re not available when you need them to be. Once you have found a reputable maid service that offers a cleaning package you like at a price you can afford, book one cleaning session with them to see how they perform.

Evaluate and Check Their Work

After the first cleaning session with the maid service, go around the house and evaluate the areas that they have cleaned. Everyone has different standards for what they consider clean so you need to check their work to ensure it is done up to your standards. Nothing is more irritating than paying someone to clean and then feeling your place is still not clean. If the work is up to your standards, then great. If it is not, but is close then communicate with the maid service on what you want done differently. If the work is really bad, then just look for another maid service. It’s not worth the headache to get your standards and their standards to match if the standards are so far apart.

Build a Working Relationship with Your Maid Service

After you have found a maid service that you like and that cleans your house to your standards, start building a relationship with them. This can mean communicating your needs to them more frequently or committing to a regular cleaning schedule. This second part can be a big money saver for you too. A lot of maid services offer discounts for regular customers, so if you plan to regularly use a maid service, ask about any discounts. Even if no discounts are available you can still try to negotiate a discount if you commit to a long term cleaning schedule with a maid service. Another major benefit to having a good working relationship is that you will always get what you expect and there will be less chance for disappointment. If your maid service fully understands your needs, they can often anticipate what you need even before you express that need.