How to Find the Right Maid Service for You            

My last post seemed to garner a lot of interest in hiring a maid service and many are asking about the best maid service in the area and how to go about hiring a maid service. That’s why I will write a short post on what I’ve learned and what you should do when hiring a maid service.

Shop Around for Maid Services

There are a lot of maid services out there, so you should at least check out a few of them before deciding on a maid service to use. You shouldn’t just look at price either when shopping around. You need to look at what service they are offering for that price and are there any surcharges such as additional out of area fees and things like that. You should also try to look for reviews or references from clients of the maid service yay-537201-digitalto see the quality level of their work as well as their reputation. You definitely don’t want a maid service that does shoddy work. Another aspect you should be looking at is the availability of the maid service. The best maid service in the world still does you know good if they’re not available when you need them to be. Once you have found a reputable maid service that offers a cleaning package you like at a price you can afford, book one cleaning session with them to see how they perform.

Evaluate and Check Their Work

After the first cleaning session with the maid service, go around the house and evaluate the areas that they have cleaned. Everyone has different standards for what they consider clean so you need to check their work to ensure it is done up to your standards. Nothing is more irritating than paying someone to clean and then feeling your place is still not clean. If the work is up to your standards, then great. If it is not, but is close then communicate with the maid service on what you want done differently. If the work is really bad, then just look for another maid service. It’s not worth the headache to get your standards and their standards to match if the standards are so far apart.

Build a Working Relationship with Your Maid Service

After you have found a maid service that you like and that cleans your house to your standards, start building a relationship with them. This can mean communicating your needs to them more frequently or committing to a regular cleaning schedule. This second part can be a big money saver for you too. A lot of maid services offer discounts for regular customers, so if you plan to regularly use a maid service, ask about any discounts. Even if no discounts are available you can still try to negotiate a discount if you commit to a long term cleaning schedule with a maid service. Another major benefit to having a good working relationship is that you will always get what you expect and there will be less chance for disappointment. If your maid service fully understands your needs, they can often anticipate what you need even before you express that need.


How Using a Maid Service Improved My Life

In a previous post I talked about my love of laughter and liberty and how employing a maid service increased the liberty and freedom in my life. A lot people have since then expressed an interest in how my life has changed for the better after I hired a maid service. I guess the best place to start would be to discuss what I did before I had the maid service and then talk about what I’m able to do now that I have a maid service.

Life Before Maid Service

First off let me say that I highly value a clean home and that is why before hiring a maid service, I stuck to a very strict schedule of maintaining the cleanliness of my home. My schedule usually tied up both my Saturday and Sunday mornings and I never felt very comfortable going out before I had had completed my cleaning tasks for those days. On Saturday mornings, I would usually clean the kitchen and bathroom since they are the areas that usually became the dirtiest during the week. I would start with scrubbing the toilet, bathtub, and sink areas. Then I would mop the bathroom floor and wipe down all the other surfaces. I would then move on to the kitchen scrubbing the stove and oven, then mop the floor, and finally clean the microwave. This usually took about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. On Sundays, I would vacuum and mop the rest of the house then dust all the surfaces taking up another 1 to 2 hours. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it just seemed to bog down my weekend mornings. I had to get these things done before I could do anything else. In a way I felt trapped by this schedule and I skipped out on brunch with friends quite a few times to ensure my tasks were completed.

Life Now

            Nowadays, I have a maid service come every Friday evening and their professional and efficient staff complete in 2 hours what used to take me 3-4 hours. The best part is I don’t even need to be home when they are cleaning the house. Once you have built trust with your maid service, you can even leave a key with the company and they well clean your home and lock up after they’re done. My weekend mornings now feel so free. I have so many options for the weekend now. I can sleep in, grab brunch with friends, or even go away for the weekend without feeling the need to clean before I leave. Ever since getting the maid service, I’ve even found more room for laughter in my life. I know that might sound a little odd, but I feel less stressed now and I find it easier to laugh at silly thing and in general I feel like my overall mood is better. I guess, in a way, hiring a maid service removed a constraint on my life.

Laughter and Liberty – The Basics of Life

Welcome to my blog on laughter and liberty – two things that I consider to be the core of a happy life. In this blog, I will share with you my experience and advice on how to get the most laughter and liberty into your life. I hope you will find my experiences are inspirational to you in some way.

First off let me introduce myself. My name is Michelle Tasker and I work in the fitness industry. I currently reside in the Fayetteville, AR area and I am an avid patron of the arts. I love to read, travel, and meet new people.

Why Laughter?

            I think deep down we all know how important laughter is to our lives. We can see and feel the effect that laughter has on our body and mind. Medical studies have even shown that during laughter our body releases endorphins which is paramount to our wellbeing. In general, laughter makes us feel good and this leads to feelings of happiness. That is why no matter how bad my day is going, I always try to look on the lighter side of things to find a laugh and that is also why I consider laughter an important part of a happy life.

Why Liberty?

            When talking about liberty we often think about our constitutional and civil rights and our freedoms. While these liberties are very essential to the enjoyment of our lives, I think my concept of liberty goes beyond that. I believe liberty also entails freedom from social constraints and other constraints that prevent you from enjoying life. I think we are happiest when we are free to pursue what we love and express ourselves freely.

A Little Extra Liberty in my Life

            One of the areas of my life that I find is an absolute chore, takes up a lot of my time, and I find little enjoyment in is keeping my house clean. I really love the effect that a clean and tidy home has on me, but the entire process of cleaning is just really tedious and boring to me. I struggled with this chore for a really long time thinking it was all on me to keep my house clean. Finally, after one particularly bad weekend of cleaning, I started to think that there has to be an easier or better way than cleaning all the time. That is when I started looking into using a maid service. At first, I thought it would be really expensive and maids were just for rich people, but after getting quotes from several places I found the price of maid service to be very reasonable especially around Fayetteville. Having a maid service come to my house weekly has freed up so much of my time now. I don’t wake up on Saturday mornings anymore dreading scrubbing my toilet or vacuuming the whole house. Now I have more time to enjoy breakfast with my friends and family, read a good book, or even sleep in. That to me is the ultimate freedom.